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MDB Album "BOLTCUTTER" Pre-Sale Starts Now

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MDB's new album PRE-SALE starts today! Pre-order digital on iTunes, Amazon and all the online stores and get one track from the new album RIGHT AWAY! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/boltcutter/1330655561 CD: https://www.fireandflames.com/en/product/moscow-death-brigade-boltcutter-cd/ LP: https://www.fireandflames.com/en/product/moscow-death-brigade-boltcutter-lp/ BOX: https://www.fireandflames.com/en/product/moscow-death-brigade-boltcutter-cd-limited-box/ RELEASE/SHIPPING: January 26th 2017* Moscow Death Brigade are finally catching on: After numerous tours and concerts here comes “Boltcutter”, the first regular MDB album. The infamous circle pit-hip-hop-crew from Moscow expands its unmistakable mix of punk, hardcore, rap and metal in Europe with elements from drum’n’bass, dancehall, techno and grime. The result is a genre and scene-spanning explosive musical statement that speaks out against racism, fascism, sexism...
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