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#MakeAmericaERROR 403 (TuggerHardson) on Gab

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#MakeAmericaERROR 403 (TuggerHardson) on Gab
Ivanka Trump smiles brightly as she bonds with a boy in a wheelchair while visiting a Venezuelan migrant camp in Colombia after touring a female-owned strawberry farm https://www. dailymail.co.uk/femail/article -7427749/Ivanka-Trump-plays-children-visits-strawberry-farm-Colombia.html STRAWBERRY FARMS AND VENEZUELAN MIGRANTS??? IMAGINE IF THIS WORTHLESS JEW BITCH, THIS COASTAL DEMOCRAT FEMINIST AIRHEAD INTERLOPER IN THE WHITE HOUSE, WENT TO SOUTH AFRICA TO BRING MORE ATTENTION TO THE GENOCIDE OF WHITES CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE THERE. BUT NO. Since she converted to Judaism, this COASTAL DEMOCRAT GOLD-DIGGING WHORE ONLY CARES ABOUT ISRAEL AND GLOBALIST ISSUES. PICTURED: Precious Jewanka WITH HER GLOBALIST NEOCON FRIENDS.
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