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DNC Senior Adviser Trashes Bernie Sanders on CNN as Part of Faux Bernie-Warren Scandal

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Status Coup's Jordan Chariton reports on a DNC Senior Adviser trashing Bernie Sanders over the faux sexism scandal between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. SUPPORT Status Coup's IN-THE-FIELD reporting ON AND OFF THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL for as low as $5-10 bucks a month: https://statuscoup.com/join/ HELP US DEFEAT THE SUPPRESSION OF INDEPENDENT MEDIA! Joining our email and text list will ENSURE you know when we're live: 1)JOIN Status Coup's Email List: https://statuscoup.com/ 2)JOIN Status Coup's text alert list by texting 474747 and enter Coup **SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel, CLICK the bell, and CLICK ON ALL NOTIFICATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA 1)FOLLOW Status...
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