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How Andrew Yang wants to fix the US economy

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang explains to Chris Cillizza why he believes Universal Basic Income will humanize the American economy, and the urgency behind his plan. #CNN #Cillizza #AndrewYang SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: Inside Andrew Yang's Outsider Campaign https://bit.ly/3630Cee Joe Rogan Experience #1245 - Andrew Yang https://bit.ly/373hiDU Andrew Yang: The U.S. government is 24 years behind on tech https://bit.ly/30wzGCr Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang targets automation at rain-drenched NYC rally https://abcn.ws/2svgjNA Who Is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? https://nyti.ms/2R0ya8I Andrew Yang misses January's Democratic debate but he's resonating, especially with men https://nbcnews.to/2uW0K2q Andrew Yang won the internet, but can he...
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