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What is a fake exmuslim?

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Why is this charge frequently made - you were never a true Muslim. What is the reality about those who leave Islam, are they all expected to be scholars of the religion? A discussion with @Farhan Qureshi ???? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2HvOPhm ???? Support me at http://abdullahsameer.com/support ???? Other interesting videos: ► The great sacrifice of Eid https://youtu.be/5TwqF9u5rUg ► Hajj, where people go to die https://youtu.be/NLjLXuc_RXQ ► What you need to know before converting to Islam https://youtu.be/qZs1DypBJnA ► Debunking "Islam is a Feminist Religion" https://youtu.be/SyEbr7a_070 My articles: ► Debunking “The One True Islam” Fallacy https://medium.com/p/the-one-true-islam-fallacy-dbaf9384f176 ► Muhammad’s false...
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