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The "Jesus Christ" of the Christian Church and portrayed in TV, Movies and media is a far cry from the Messiah of the scriptures. This has been a stumbling block placed before the true Israelites & entire world to push people away from finding the truth concerning the Word of the Most High Ahayah אֶהְיֶה. Yasha יָשַׁע is our salvation! 0:00 INTRO 13:50 SECTION I: THE NAME 27:23 SECTION II: THE SLAVERY BIBLE 1:33:27 SECTION III: THE CROSS 1:43:41 SECTION IV: CHRIST IN THE O.T. 1:50:51 SECTION V: THE LAW 2:01:31 GAY AGENDA IN THE CHURCH [LAW] 2:11:45 FEMINISM AGENDA...
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